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Our Launching Ramp is OPEN

The launch is open daily and you can recover your boat late but no engine flushing after 10 pm.
Limited pay parking is available and passes can be purchased from the front office.


Sunset Marina
Your Gateway to Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast


So Near, Yet So Far

Nestled in a beautiful bay at the foot of a forest-clad mountain, it’s easy to imagine Sunset Marina as a wild and remote northern location. Yet, it’s less than a half hour drive from Vancouver along the spectacular Sea to Sky Highway.


Gateway to Howe Sound and the Sunshine Coast

Directly across from Sunset Marina lie the local islands of Bowen, Boyer, Gambier, Anvil, and Keats, with the snow-capped coastal mountains in the background. And just beyond the islands lies the start of the beautiful and legendary Sunshine Coast. It’s all there for you to enjoy and explore.


Deep Sea Fishing – Right Outside Our Breakwater

Because our marina is really on the side of a mountain, the ocean continues to plunge for seven hundred feet just outside our breakwater, so you don’t have to travel far for excellent year-round salmon, prawn, and crab fishing. It’s right at our doorstep.


Privately Owned & Operated

Sunset Marina remains a time-honoured moorage, maintenance and launching facility, serving the community for over 50 years.

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Certified Boat Repair

Marine Services

Certified Boat Repair

Marine Services
Factory certified engineers and a fully equipped workshop.
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Launch & Moorage

Marina Services

Launch & Moorage

Marina Services
Sunset Marina offers both wet and dry moorage, welcoming more than 150 vessels, ranging in lengths up to 25 feet.
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Marina Services


Marina Services
Whether it’s bait & tackle, snacks & ice, hardware or gasoline Sunset Marina aims to help make your experience on the water the best it can be!


Dates Hours Notices
Feb 16 – April 30  8 am ‑ 5 pm *closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays 
May 1 – May 31 8 am ‑ 7 pm  
June 1 – August 31  8 am ‑ 8 pm  
Sept 1 – Sept 30 8 am – 7 pm *closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
October 1 – November 15  8 am ‑ 5 pm *closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
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34 Sunset Beach, West Vancouver, BC V7W 2T7





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